VIBES – Free Lightroom Preset for Portraits

For a couple of years now I have been using Lightroom to organize and edit my photos. One of the best Lightroom features is the ability to create presets so that you can use them over and over again on different images.

Today I am in a sharing mood (with Christmas just around the corner and what not) and I would like to give to you one of my favorite presets that I have created.

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Like with all Lightroom presets this is not a one-click-solution. You will have to adjust the exposure, temperature, highlights and shadows to your liking. I usually like to overexpose my images a little bit. Often I also find myself sliding the temperature slider to the left, because the preset makes a lot of situation way too yellowish.

Here are some examples of before and after photos. Hover over the edited image to see the original image.

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